Aug 18 2015

Swipe Part 3

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In 2015 there is one rule, ‘You can take your time, but don’t take mine.’ ‘Str8 To Gay’ Keeps up with all the modern day sayings in this ever changing world, and they present us their hot movies made by, a company who are well above any of their competitors in this ever growing industry. ‘Swipe’ is a fantastic hardcore series, and this episode stars Colby Jansen – who is exclusive to – and Aspen who has just started with them. Both are exceptionally good looking men with hot hard bodies. You are in for a real treat, just hold onto your cocks, and watch, see how long you can last before your balls tighten up and your cock throbs uncontrollably.

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Aspen plays a modern man, he wants sex like he had before, but now to meet men its best done on the internet rather than by walking the streets. Aspen realizes that even with this technology, it isn’t enough. He has used an app to get in touch with men in his local area, but realizes that he has had sex with them all already. He changes his app to a straight app and puts himself down on it in the hope to catch another man that way. His theory is that if another man responds, even to tell him that he is on the wrong app, then they are interested in him. He doesn’t have to wait long when powerfully built Colby Jansen gets back to him; Colby is new to New York City and is up for trying new and wonderful things. Colby tells him he is not too sure though as he’s never had sex with another man before. Aspen persuades him to give him his hotel room number and goes to him straight away.
Swipe Part 3
Aspen walks into his room, strips off his top and starts kissing the bearded Colby not giving him the chance to back down. Colby takes his own top off and lies on his back on the bed as Aspen pulls down his pants and strokes and sucks on his seven inch cock. Colby feels another man’s lips around his cock for the first time and absolutely loves it. He can’t stop groaning with pleasure as Aspen takes his full length into his mouth and deep throats him.
Up for trying new things, Colby licks his first male asshole. Aspen cries out with excitement this time as Colby licks deep into his hole, his beard scrapping his butt cheeks at the same time. Sweat drips off both men as their pleasure builds up. Aspen wants to be fucked and Colby is more than willing to fuck his asshole.
Aspen stays bent over as Colby stands behind him and his dick enters Aspen’s tight crack. Aspen tells him to go a bit slower at first which he does. Colby loves the tightness around his cock as he rocks backwards and forwards. His cock drilling Aspen’s ass slowly at first, but quickly picks up speed.

Colby then sucks on Aspen’s dick and they fuck in different positions until Aspen shoots his cum over his muscular chest as he gets fucked in the missionary position. Colby Jansen adds to the cum on his chest by spraying his spunk over him too.
So, Aspen swiped from a gay app to a straight app, and I think Colby Jansen will be doing the opposite from now on. Well, we can wish anyway.
Colby Jansen is a good looking gentle giant with a bearded face and a rugby player’s body covered in tattoos. This is his eightieth hardcore movie with this website since he joined exclusively back in September with ‘The Ceo’s office’ with Logan Vaughn. And has an amazing 32,3k followers on twitter and 7,852 likes on Facebook. Colby is a top with a seven inch cut dick; he has blonde hair and cheeky blue yes. He is six foot one inches tall and weighs 225 pounds.

Even though Aspen is pretty new to, his only other flick so far is ‘Strap on’ which also stars Will Braun, another exclusive model to But Aspen has been in a lot of other porn films for various companies. He is a versatile top with an eight and a half inch cut cock, has black hair, brown eyes, is five foot eight inches high and weighs 186 pounds. Watch this space, this good looking man will soon be back for more.

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