Apr 04 2014

Colby Jansen is getting fucked for only the 2nd time

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Scrum is an on-going series of sexual adventures from Men Of UK and here they take this very British sport very seriously indeed. It’s all about hunks who play rugby, a British sport that was invented at the English public school with the same name. Legend has it that a student at the school, during a soccer match, picked up the ball and started running with it, thus unwittingly inventing the game of Rugby. Things developed and now when you watch a game it’s all about beefy guys grabbing each other’s jockstraps and getting filthy in the scrum.

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Which is exactly what Men dot com exclusive pornstars Colby Jansen and Woody Fox have been doing out on the field. Now though, the tackle and drop-kick game is over and it’s time to wash their own balls in the showers. First though, Colby has some sportsmanlike advice for fellow teammate Woody and this involves showing him where to grab a guy when doing a flying tackle. It takes a moment or two but soon Woody realises that where Colby is putting his hands, around his muscled butt, is a bit of a clue to something else, and when Colby tells him to get his fingers ‘right in there’ the penny finally drops.

And so do the shorts as Colby goes down on an already hard Woody’s wood and starts sucking for all he is worth. Woody sports a great, stiff, eight inch cut cock that batters the back of Colby’s throat for a long time. Then they guys swap around and stocky, rugby-build guy Colby gets his own cut cock well sucked and the locker rooms starts to resound to the sound of slurping and gasping. The rugby top and socks stay on as Woody then gets to work on Colby’s hot ass. Rimming it, fucking it, slapping it about a bit he knows that his butch guy can take the punishment, and Colby is loving it. He loses himself to the sensation and really gets into being fucked.

What’s extra hot about this scene is when Colby sits down over Woody’s cock and you’ve got this muscled hunk bouncing up and down on the slimmer guy, the camera close in so you can really see every moment of the penetration. Then Colby is on his back on the floor and the game is nearly up. The big guy cums while being fucked from underneath and then stays there as Woody tosses himself off over Colby’s ass.
I have no idea if that is going to help Woody’s game or not but it will certainly help you get your own balls cleaned out. Another sperm spectacular from the masters of the British porn movie at Men Of UK.

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