Dec 18 2014

Colby Breaks him in – part 2

If you are not familiar with the Men paysite and Drill My Hole (and their other amazing gay hardcore sites) then you might be asking yourself two questions when you see the title of this movie, ‘Colby Breaks Him In, part 2.’ Actually, you might also be wondering why you’ve not seen part one, but you can remedy that by heading over to the site and picking up a good value membership, but before you do, those other two questions: Who is Colby and who is he breaking in?

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Colby Jansen is the Colby of the title and he is an exclusive model who has appeared on most of their networked sites in, now, 70 movies. He’s hunky and muscled, has tattoos and is blonde – well, dark blonde – and he is a top. Mind you, in his collection of 70 scenes he has played bottom and I’ve seen him being topped by the likes of Zeb Atlas and Woody Fox; but most of the time he is a top and an experienced one at that. So, question two, who is he breaking in? This week it’s a guy called Leo Sweetwood (is that a made up porn name do you reckon?) and he’s a cute thing with a handsome face, nice tattoos, and stands at six feet tall. He’s also down as having an eight inch cut cock and being versatile.

So, intros over, what happens? Well, as in part one, we open with an interview between Colby Jansen and Leo Sweetwood. Leo does a lot of the talking here and you find out why he wanted to become a porn model. He’s an outward going, chatty guy who comes across as honest, and also talks about his private life. It’s good to listen to and fun, and puts you in the mood for what’s to come. There’s also a fun ‘how well do you know Colby Jansen?’ section where you get to know some secrets about him too. But, you’re wanting to know how the sex pans out, and for that you have to fast forward a bit – though I advise listening to the interview, I mean how many cute guys do you know who admit to having a Bible and a dildo in his nightstand?

Anyway, after only a few minutes, the scenes transitions naturally and well from interview to sex, and with a quick ‘come here’ from Colby, the real action starts. And it starts with new boy Leo Sweetwood gong down on Colby’s cock and pleasing the older guy with his oral techniques. The guys soon strip down, and Leo has a good body I should add, but it’s not until about ten minutes in the Leo Sweetwood gets his first experience of porn star blowing; that’s Colby Jansen ( check out his twitter account ) blowing him I mean. What a treat and this young buck loves it. What I loved was the way he had shaved himself for this first outing; there’s nothing quite as sexy as a shaved twink cock and balls.
Things move on, and around half way through we’ve got Colby Jansen rimming Leo’s bubble butt and then starting to open up his hole with a probing finger. If Leo Sweetwood gets turned on by that, and he does, you can imagine how wild he gets when Colby starts to fuck his sweet ass. Leo loves it in the doggy position and Colby makes it happen as he takes this young bottom for his first on-camera hardcore ride. The new guy does well, there’s good chemistry, he’s natural there’s no looking to camera or falling out of the moment. It’s a hard and slow build up to two great cum shots and I reckon Leo Sweetwood had saved himself for weeks before making this scene; he shoots such a load it hits his face, goes in his own month and drenches him. Colby Jansen also shoots of a heavy load and we get two great cum shots after some