Mar 26 2014

Bedroom gay porn with Colby

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The guys move to the bedroom and, with erotic and atmospheric music playing, start to make love. The scene turns into a full gay porn action story as Colby Jansen starts blowing Johnny’s long dick, swallowing it all the way down to the base of the shaft. The guys frottage hard cock against smooth skin. They play, and kiss and whisper like lovers, ‘I want to fuck, yeah?’ ‘Yeah,’ all quiet and keen. And so Johnny moves on to rim Colby’s rosebud and lube up his ass with his spit ready to slide his cock deep into his hot hole.

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Rapid fucks the sexy guy from behind, shafting his smooth bubble butt before Colby once again slurps on his meat. The guys roll and kiss some more and then Dan enters him for a second time, missionary position this time which lets their mouths get close and their bodies intimate. Our boys finally treat us to their own cum shots, side by side, still kissing, still black on white as first Jansen spills his load thick and white against his hard black cock, and the Johnny. And, just before the final fade, they share the taste of each other’s cum.
This hot scene is a pretty erotic and highly charged scene from Gods Of Men, and certainly sexier than your average interracial hardcore.

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Dec 08 2013

Colby Jansen gets to fuck the famous Johnny Rapid

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Johnny Rapid wanted to hook-up with a babe that flirted with him at the motel. When he arrived at her room, Johnny discovered that she was nowhere to be found and instead met the girl’s older brother waiting for him. His name was Colby Jasen. He was 6 feet of hot body, firm muscles and covered in tattoos. For an over protective brother, Colby was cordial and invited Johnny inside.
Johnny waited anxiously, but the big brother warning about dating his sister never came from Colby. Because Colby was more interested in getting his cock sucked by a pretty boy like Johnny. This was better than Johnny expected. He jumps at the opportunity and goes down on the whole 7 inches that Colby under his jeans. Johnny Rapid obviously knows his way around a big hard dick. He pulls it in and out of his hot lips, then goes down on it sloppy, and Colby loves every second. Johnny undresses while Colby leads them into the bed nearby. Colby takes his jeans off and tells his little twink what to do.
Johnny’s own cock is stiff, as he mounts Colby’s rock hard manhood. It fits so tight and feels amazing. Colby slams young Johnny’s ass a pounding while spanking it repeatedly, then flips him over and starts fucking the boy spread eagle. Johnny strokes his own cock wildly. The boys take full advantage of the motel room, as they grunted, gasped and yelled loudly through the echoing walls. Both continue this manly ruckus, until Colby shoots cum across Johnny’s sweat covered belly.
Johnny feels his body drenched in sticky love juices, as Colby watches him jerk off. After today’s little encounter, he hopes Colby will let him and his sister hook-up soon. That’s assuming, she’s still interested. What do you think Colby will do?

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Colby Jansen and Johnny Rapid gay porn