May 26 2015

The Imposter Part 3

Here’s the next instalment from an incredible and thrilling series by, produced for their top site, ‘Str8 To Gay.’
This series has had people jerking off everywhere, in their bedrooms, on the couch, and even having a quick one in the toilets at work. It has a great storyline with amazing hot sex; this episode stars Colby Jansen and Chris Harder.
colby jansen str8 to gay
The story so far is that Colby Jansen has to go into hiding. He has had to leave his wife and children behind without even telling them he was leaving. He has left them because if he stayed, their lives would be in danger. He has to run to safety until he can, hopefully, sort out the mess he has got himself into. He is so worried that he has even had to change who he is, change his name, his address, his city, and even the kind of man he has become -all for fear of being found out. He is willing to do and try anything. In the very first episode, his new neighbour, Dylan Knight, introduced himself and gave Colby a kiss on the lips, which surprised him. But, knowing he had to change, he kissed him back and they ended up having sex. In the second episode with Colton Grey, he resized how much he loved another man’s mouth around his cock.

Colby has been away long enough now and now, at long last, he feels comfortable with himself, with his surroundings, and with his life. He doesn’t feel an imposter anymore, he is in love, and it’s with Chris Harder, a good looking young man. Colby isn’t pretending anymore, his life has completely changed and he is more than happy being a gay man, and he and Chris have sex for breakfast, sex for lunch, and more sex for dinner and supper.
Colby Jansen and Chris Harder are naked, and they are kissing each other lovingly. Chris sits down on the sofa while Chris turns upside down with his head between Colby’s legs looking away from him, and his ass is getting a good rimming from Colby’s probing tongue. Chris almost purrs with pleasure as he feels Colby’s erection digging into his back whilst he darts his tongue in and out of his musky tasting asshole, and jerking on his cock all at the same time. Chris is so excited that he wants Colby to fuck him straight away.
This is a great shot as Chris lies on his back and we get a close up of Colby’s dick ramming in and out of his asshole; we also see the little piercing Chris has under his ball sack. They get back up on the couch and sweat pours down their hot bodies as they hump and ride one another. Colby squeezes Chris’s hard nipples as he bangs him and we get hypnotized by Chris’s seven and a half inch cock bouncing up and down, smacking his firm stomach. Their breathing and panting get more urgent the faster they fuck. Their growls of animistic lust fills the air as a hard dick pummels into a sweaty ass.

They get back into the missionary position, the fucking doesn’t stop and they continue screwing each other at a fast pace. Chris Harder sprays his hot cum over his hairy stomach and Colby Jansen feels his cock throb in his jerking hand and with a final growl he spits his spunk out onto Chris’s waiting tongue. With cum still dribbling down his face and cum still dangling from Colby’s cock the loving couple embrace as they kiss.
Colby Jansen is a powerhouse of a man with an incredible rugby player’s hairy body. He is exclusive to and has starred in seventy nine hardcore flicks for them. He is a top, but if you watch the right movies, you are bound to see his hard ass getting a good drilling. He has a cut seven inch dick, is six foot one inches tall, has blonde hair and cheeky but gentle blue eyes.
Chris Harder has been in five movies with since joining in April 2015 and was amazing in the ‘Home Wrecker’ series parts 1, 2 and 3. He has a hairy swimmer’s body with a few great tattoos. He is a versatile bottom with a seven and a half inch uncut dick, is five foot eleven inches tall, has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs 170 pounds.