Feb 04 2015

Scrum Part 2

Gods Of Men has just released Scrum Part 2. This new film stars Colby Jansen the gorgeous dude with the sexy accent. Colby has soft lips, a fantastic body, and a really long, cut dick. Gorgeous Colby is paired with Aaron Bruiser in this latest installment of Scrum . Colby has done 71 films and Aaron has done 12, this is no new guy on the block film.

Affairs: Part 2 opens with Colby waiting in an abandoned warehouse for someone to show up. Within minutes, Aaron enters the building, calling out for Colby. Our hunks get together and, within seconds, are in each other’s arms. (It is with a chuckle that I have to tell you that this abandoned warehouse is furnished with a leather chair and a few old tires.) As clothes begin to fly, lips locked in a passionate kiss, Colby and Chris explore each other’s nakedness. Then lips and mouths begin exploring other body parts.

Colby leans back on the stack of tires, his dick resting against his smooth balls, his pubes nice and trimmed. When Chris begins to kiss that long dick it begins to move and harden. Chris easily takes the long cock deep down his throat, enjoying every inch of it. Great close-ups of this fantastic blow-job, as Colby’s cock grows hard and his nuts tighten in response to this sweet pleasure. Chris leaves the cock to pay some homage to Colby’s tight asshole. Soon he has his face buried between butt cheeks as he rims and lubes Colby for an anal assault.

However, the assault is not Colby’s ass, but Chris’s. Colby has immediate need to relieve some pressure in his dick. He takes his 8″ rock hard dick and slams it into Chris’s tight ass. Chris takes it all with the greatest of delight. Soon the sound of skin slapping skin is echoing throughout the nearly empty warehouse. Colby pounds Chris in a wide variety of ways, ending with Chris sitting on Colby’s dick and riding him like a bucking bronco. Colby, finally spent, pulls out and squirts his load of jizz all over Chris’s chest.
With scenes like this, surely Men Of Gods is planning an Scrum: Part 3.