Sep 21 2016

Family Secrets Part 2

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‘Family Secrets’ is a famous song by a popular singer. Well, it’s true, but especially true if you have Colby Jansen and Mike Tanner in them as ‘Str8 To Gay’ does in this great series by Men.
Both Colby Jansen and Mike Tanner are having problems sleeping and are in hospital getting tests done. In this episode Colby has been awake for so long that when Mike goes in for his appointment, Colby spreads his arms out as he sits up on a chair and promptly falls asleep, but what a great horny dream he has.

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He is sitting down in his shirt and tie with Mike Tanner standing behind him with his hands over his eyes speaking to him. Mike comes around and they kiss passionately. Colby lies down as Mike pulls his pants off revealing his already hard dick. Colby undoes his shirt leaving his tie on and Mike sucks on his thick heavy dick. Colby thrusts his hips backwards and forwards and fucks Mike’s cock sucking lips back. Colby leans forward and sucks on Mike’s eight inch cock and Mike holds Colby’s tie in his hand like a lash on a dog. Colby makes sure he licks and sucks every part of Mike’s big cock and balls and then goes back to giving him a fantastic blowjob. Colby stands up and as Mike squats down, he rams his cock in and out of Mike’s hungry and greedy mouth.
Colby gets Mike to bend over the cabinet he had been leaning on, and as he rims his tongue around his smooth shaved asshole, Colby winds his tie around Mike’s cock and pulls on it. Mike can’t stop groaning with a deep undiluted pleasure as Colby takes control of his body. He groans out even louder as Colby plunges his seven and a half inch cock straight up, and into Mike’s moist warm asshole.
Colby groans along with him as he feels Mike’s ass muscles clamp tight around his invading cock, so he fucks him harder and harder and gives his ass cheeks a good smack every now and then. Mike Tanner then takes control and as Colby lies down, he limbs on top and rides him so hard that he busts a nut as his creamy white load fires out and lands over Colby’s sweating body. Colby Jansen sit up next to him, and as Mike plats with his nipples and rubs his cum into Colby’s furry body, Colby shoots a thick wad over himself.
Colby gets woken up by the sound of Mike’s voice, his appointment has finished, and it’s time for them to go home.
Colby Jansen is a muscular God with a hairy body and powerful thighs. He is a versatile top with a thick seven and a half inch uncut cock. He has brown curly hair, sexy brown eyes and is six foot tall. Colby has stared in twenty four hardcore movies for Men and over 68.000 of us watched getting horny in ‘Howl’ parts 2 and 4.
Mike Tanner is six foot one and made of muscle. He has a smooth chiselled chest and has a few tattoos over his arms. He has starred in sixteen hardcore flicks for Men since he began with them in April where over 45,000 men watched him ‘Slip In The Car Wash’ with three other horny men. Mike is a versatile man and has an eight inch cut cock. He has short brown hair, emerald green eyes and weighs 220 pounds.