Sep 21 2016

Family Secrets Part 2

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‘Family Secrets’ is a famous song by a popular singer. Well, it’s true, but especially true if you have Colby Jansen and Mike Tanner in them as ‘Str8 To Gay’ does in this great series by Men.
Both Colby Jansen and Mike Tanner are having problems sleeping and are in hospital getting tests done. In this episode Colby has been awake for so long that when Mike goes in for his appointment, Colby spreads his arms out as he sits up on a chair and promptly falls asleep, but what a great horny dream he has.

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He is sitting down in his shirt and tie with Mike Tanner standing behind him with his hands over his eyes speaking to him. Mike comes around and they kiss passionately. Colby lies down as Mike pulls his pants off revealing his already hard dick. Colby undoes his shirt leaving his tie on and Mike sucks on his thick heavy dick. Colby thrusts his hips backwards and forwards and fucks Mike’s cock sucking lips back. Colby leans forward and sucks on Mike’s eight inch cock and Mike holds Colby’s tie in his hand like a lash on a dog. Colby makes sure he licks and sucks every part of Mike’s big cock and balls and then goes back to giving him a fantastic blowjob. Colby stands up and as Mike squats down, he rams his cock in and out of Mike’s hungry and greedy mouth.
Colby gets Mike to bend over the cabinet he had been leaning on, and as he rims his tongue around his smooth shaved asshole, Colby winds his tie around Mike’s cock and pulls on it. Mike can’t stop groaning with a deep undiluted pleasure as Colby takes control of his body. He groans out even louder as Colby plunges his seven and a half inch cock straight up, and into Mike’s moist warm asshole.
Colby groans along with him as he feels Mike’s ass muscles clamp tight around his invading cock, so he fucks him harder and harder and gives his ass cheeks a good smack every now and then. Mike Tanner then takes control and as Colby lies down, he limbs on top and rides him so hard that he busts a nut as his creamy white load fires out and lands over Colby’s sweating body. Colby Jansen sit up next to him, and as Mike plats with his nipples and rubs his cum into Colby’s furry body, Colby shoots a thick wad over himself.
Colby gets woken up by the sound of Mike’s voice, his appointment has finished, and it’s time for them to go home.
Colby Jansen is a muscular God with a hairy body and powerful thighs. He is a versatile top with a thick seven and a half inch uncut cock. He has brown curly hair, sexy brown eyes and is six foot tall. Colby has stared in twenty four hardcore movies for Men and over 68.000 of us watched getting horny in ‘Howl’ parts 2 and 4.
Mike Tanner is six foot one and made of muscle. He has a smooth chiselled chest and has a few tattoos over his arms. He has starred in sixteen hardcore flicks for Men since he began with them in April where over 45,000 men watched him ‘Slip In The Car Wash’ with three other horny men. Mike is a versatile man and has an eight inch cut cock. He has short brown hair, emerald green eyes and weighs 220 pounds.

Aug 18 2015

Swipe Part 3

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In 2015 there is one rule, ‘You can take your time, but don’t take mine.’ ‘Str8 To Gay’ Keeps up with all the modern day sayings in this ever changing world, and they present us their hot movies made by, a company who are well above any of their competitors in this ever growing industry. ‘Swipe’ is a fantastic hardcore series, and this episode stars Colby Jansen – who is exclusive to – and Aspen who has just started with them. Both are exceptionally good looking men with hot hard bodies. You are in for a real treat, just hold onto your cocks, and watch, see how long you can last before your balls tighten up and your cock throbs uncontrollably.

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Aspen plays a modern man, he wants sex like he had before, but now to meet men its best done on the internet rather than by walking the streets. Aspen realizes that even with this technology, it isn’t enough. He has used an app to get in touch with men in his local area, but realizes that he has had sex with them all already. He changes his app to a straight app and puts himself down on it in the hope to catch another man that way. His theory is that if another man responds, even to tell him that he is on the wrong app, then they are interested in him. He doesn’t have to wait long when powerfully built Colby Jansen gets back to him; Colby is new to New York City and is up for trying new and wonderful things. Colby tells him he is not too sure though as he’s never had sex with another man before. Aspen persuades him to give him his hotel room number and goes to him straight away.
Swipe Part 3
Aspen walks into his room, strips off his top and starts kissing the bearded Colby not giving him the chance to back down. Colby takes his own top off and lies on his back on the bed as Aspen pulls down his pants and strokes and sucks on his seven inch cock. Colby feels another man’s lips around his cock for the first time and absolutely loves it. He can’t stop groaning with pleasure as Aspen takes his full length into his mouth and deep throats him.
Up for trying new things, Colby licks his first male asshole. Aspen cries out with excitement this time as Colby licks deep into his hole, his beard scrapping his butt cheeks at the same time. Sweat drips off both men as their pleasure builds up. Aspen wants to be fucked and Colby is more than willing to fuck his asshole.
Aspen stays bent over as Colby stands behind him and his dick enters Aspen’s tight crack. Aspen tells him to go a bit slower at first which he does. Colby loves the tightness around his cock as he rocks backwards and forwards. His cock drilling Aspen’s ass slowly at first, but quickly picks up speed.

Colby then sucks on Aspen’s dick and they fuck in different positions until Aspen shoots his cum over his muscular chest as he gets fucked in the missionary position. Colby Jansen adds to the cum on his chest by spraying his spunk over him too.
So, Aspen swiped from a gay app to a straight app, and I think Colby Jansen will be doing the opposite from now on. Well, we can wish anyway.
Colby Jansen is a good looking gentle giant with a bearded face and a rugby player’s body covered in tattoos. This is his eightieth hardcore movie with this website since he joined exclusively back in September with ‘The Ceo’s office’ with Logan Vaughn. And has an amazing 32,3k followers on twitter and 7,852 likes on Facebook. Colby is a top with a seven inch cut dick; he has blonde hair and cheeky blue yes. He is six foot one inches tall and weighs 225 pounds.

Even though Aspen is pretty new to, his only other flick so far is ‘Strap on’ which also stars Will Braun, another exclusive model to But Aspen has been in a lot of other porn films for various companies. He is a versatile top with an eight and a half inch cut cock, has black hair, brown eyes, is five foot eight inches high and weighs 186 pounds. Watch this space, this good looking man will soon be back for more.

May 26 2015

The Imposter Part 3

Here’s the next instalment from an incredible and thrilling series by, produced for their top site, ‘Str8 To Gay.’
This series has had people jerking off everywhere, in their bedrooms, on the couch, and even having a quick one in the toilets at work. It has a great storyline with amazing hot sex; this episode stars Colby Jansen and Chris Harder.
colby jansen str8 to gay
The story so far is that Colby Jansen has to go into hiding. He has had to leave his wife and children behind without even telling them he was leaving. He has left them because if he stayed, their lives would be in danger. He has to run to safety until he can, hopefully, sort out the mess he has got himself into. He is so worried that he has even had to change who he is, change his name, his address, his city, and even the kind of man he has become -all for fear of being found out. He is willing to do and try anything. In the very first episode, his new neighbour, Dylan Knight, introduced himself and gave Colby a kiss on the lips, which surprised him. But, knowing he had to change, he kissed him back and they ended up having sex. In the second episode with Colton Grey, he resized how much he loved another man’s mouth around his cock.

Colby has been away long enough now and now, at long last, he feels comfortable with himself, with his surroundings, and with his life. He doesn’t feel an imposter anymore, he is in love, and it’s with Chris Harder, a good looking young man. Colby isn’t pretending anymore, his life has completely changed and he is more than happy being a gay man, and he and Chris have sex for breakfast, sex for lunch, and more sex for dinner and supper.
Colby Jansen and Chris Harder are naked, and they are kissing each other lovingly. Chris sits down on the sofa while Chris turns upside down with his head between Colby’s legs looking away from him, and his ass is getting a good rimming from Colby’s probing tongue. Chris almost purrs with pleasure as he feels Colby’s erection digging into his back whilst he darts his tongue in and out of his musky tasting asshole, and jerking on his cock all at the same time. Chris is so excited that he wants Colby to fuck him straight away.
This is a great shot as Chris lies on his back and we get a close up of Colby’s dick ramming in and out of his asshole; we also see the little piercing Chris has under his ball sack. They get back up on the couch and sweat pours down their hot bodies as they hump and ride one another. Colby squeezes Chris’s hard nipples as he bangs him and we get hypnotized by Chris’s seven and a half inch cock bouncing up and down, smacking his firm stomach. Their breathing and panting get more urgent the faster they fuck. Their growls of animistic lust fills the air as a hard dick pummels into a sweaty ass.

They get back into the missionary position, the fucking doesn’t stop and they continue screwing each other at a fast pace. Chris Harder sprays his hot cum over his hairy stomach and Colby Jansen feels his cock throb in his jerking hand and with a final growl he spits his spunk out onto Chris’s waiting tongue. With cum still dribbling down his face and cum still dangling from Colby’s cock the loving couple embrace as they kiss.
Colby Jansen is a powerhouse of a man with an incredible rugby player’s hairy body. He is exclusive to and has starred in seventy nine hardcore flicks for them. He is a top, but if you watch the right movies, you are bound to see his hard ass getting a good drilling. He has a cut seven inch dick, is six foot one inches tall, has blonde hair and cheeky but gentle blue eyes.
Chris Harder has been in five movies with since joining in April 2015 and was amazing in the ‘Home Wrecker’ series parts 1, 2 and 3. He has a hairy swimmer’s body with a few great tattoos. He is a versatile bottom with a seven and a half inch uncut dick, is five foot eleven inches tall, has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs 170 pounds.

May 12 2015

The Imposter Part 1

‘Straight To gay’ brings you yet another fantastic series full of intrigue and hot sex. A hunky man, played by Colby Jansen, has to go into hiding. He has had to leave his wife and children behind without even telling them he is leaving. He has left them because if he stayed they would be in danger of their lives. He has to run to safety until he can hopefully sort out the mess he has got himself into. He is so worried that he has even had to change who he is, change his name, his address, his city, and even the kind of man he has become – all for fear of being found out. He is willing to do, and try, anything so that ‘they’ don’t find him. He is nervous, a man on the edge. Will he be able to sort himself out? Will he really be able to hide? Can he really become a completely different person? Only time can tell and, from the very first episode of this thrilling series, he is put to the test. Can he really go through with it all? You will just have to sit back, watch, and wait. This episode also stars Dylan Knight, his ever-so helpful neighbour.

Colby Jansen is a powerfully built man with tattoos all over his muscular arms. He is exclusive to and in demand on and off set. He keeps his body in perfect shape by going to the gym and playing rugby. He is a bear and a top, but can be persuaded – by the right man – to be a power bottom. He has a seven inch cut dick, is six foot one inch tall, weighs 225 pounds and has brown hair and soft and gently blue eyes. He has been in seventy nine flicks for including the amazing series ‘Tour of Duty’, where he does actually get fucked up his furry ass by Zeb Atlas.
This is Dylan Knight’s second hardcore movie for Str8 To Gay. His first one was ‘The Listener part 1’, where he gets his cute young butt fucked by Jarec Wentworth. Dylan has a smooth hot body and could easily be called a twink. He is a versatile young man with a smooth body and an eight inch cut dick. He is five foot eight inches tall, weighs 155 pounds and has brown hair and smiling blue eyes; a daddy’s wet dream.
Colby Jansen has barely got into his new apartment in the middle of a new city when he hears a knock at the door. He is worried that he has been found out already, but is relieved to find a young man standing there at his door with a parcel in his hand. He introduces himself as Dylan Knight, his new neighbour, welcoming him to the neighbourhood. Colby smiles at him and invites him in. Dylan sees that Colby is sweating and offers to clean his shirt as Colby hasn’t had a proper time to settle in as yet. Dylan touches Colby’s arm and Colby holds his arms for a seconds and backs off. This isn’t him at all, he is straight, and he even has children to prove it. He takes a deep breath, he knows he has no choice; he has to become a different person. He takes a step towards Dylan and kisses him full on the lips.
They quickly take their tops off and there is no hiding Colby’s erection. He pulls his pants down and Dylan goes between his legs. Colby lets a man touch, and suck on his hard dick for the first time in his life. He moans with pleasure as he feels sensations he has never felt before.
Colby finds himself wanting more and gets Dylan to bend over where he darts his tongue in and out of his smooth crack. He stands up behind him and sinks his cock all the way deep into Dylan’s wet asshole, and fucks him doggy style. Both men groan and moan as Colby fucks him harder and faster and the seconds tick away.
Colby even sucks on Dylan Knight’s cock for a while before he finally fucks him in the missionary position. Dylan cums over his stomach whilst still getting fucked. Colby Jansen stands up and sends streams of his hot cum over Dylan’s pretty young face.
Colby has had a great time, forgetting about his worries for a while, until Dylan looks at his hand and asks him if that is a wedding ring he is wearing. This brings him back down to earth with a big bump.
To be continued…

Feb 04 2015

Scrum Part 2

Gods Of Men has just released Scrum Part 2. This new film stars Colby Jansen the gorgeous dude with the sexy accent. Colby has soft lips, a fantastic body, and a really long, cut dick. Gorgeous Colby is paired with Aaron Bruiser in this latest installment of Scrum . Colby has done 71 films and Aaron has done 12, this is no new guy on the block film.

Affairs: Part 2 opens with Colby waiting in an abandoned warehouse for someone to show up. Within minutes, Aaron enters the building, calling out for Colby. Our hunks get together and, within seconds, are in each other’s arms. (It is with a chuckle that I have to tell you that this abandoned warehouse is furnished with a leather chair and a few old tires.) As clothes begin to fly, lips locked in a passionate kiss, Colby and Chris explore each other’s nakedness. Then lips and mouths begin exploring other body parts.

Colby leans back on the stack of tires, his dick resting against his smooth balls, his pubes nice and trimmed. When Chris begins to kiss that long dick it begins to move and harden. Chris easily takes the long cock deep down his throat, enjoying every inch of it. Great close-ups of this fantastic blow-job, as Colby’s cock grows hard and his nuts tighten in response to this sweet pleasure. Chris leaves the cock to pay some homage to Colby’s tight asshole. Soon he has his face buried between butt cheeks as he rims and lubes Colby for an anal assault.

However, the assault is not Colby’s ass, but Chris’s. Colby has immediate need to relieve some pressure in his dick. He takes his 8″ rock hard dick and slams it into Chris’s tight ass. Chris takes it all with the greatest of delight. Soon the sound of skin slapping skin is echoing throughout the nearly empty warehouse. Colby pounds Chris in a wide variety of ways, ending with Chris sitting on Colby’s dick and riding him like a bucking bronco. Colby, finally spent, pulls out and squirts his load of jizz all over Chris’s chest.
With scenes like this, surely Men Of Gods is planning an Scrum: Part 3.

Jan 26 2015

Colby Breaks Him In Part 3

Here’s another fantastic movie by ‘Drill My Hole’, and this one is staring Colby Jansen and Jake Morgan. As you may know, Colby Jansen is exclusive to, and so far he has made 71 hardcore movies for them. It’s not surprising he has been in so many flicks, and that he has done so well. He is one hunk of a man. He is six foot one, blonde hair, with cheeky and sexy blue eyes. He has a whole load of tattoos on his muscular hairy body which looks great along with his seven inch cut dick.

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Colby Jansen has fucked some of the best asses in the business, and been in some of the best movies. He is in the horny sex series ‘Scrum’ parts 1, 2 and 3 and drilled the tight asses of Aaron Bruiser, Conner Kline, Braden Charon and many more. He now has his own exclusive series where he breaks in different men during their first time in porn. He makes them feel good and he gives them what they, him, and you need. So far in this series he has fucked newbies Jacob Ladder, Leo Sweetwood, and now in this flick he gets to fuck the tight sexy ass of Jake Morgan.
Jake Morgan is the same height as Colby and is a very eager and willing versatile bottom. He has a six inch cut dick, brown hair and brown eyes. There is nothing much to read about this newbie as yet, but I am pretty sure, there will be loads on him in the very near future.

Because Jake is new, this flick starts off with Colby Jansen sitting next to him in his underpants, on a bed, asking him questions so that we all get an idea of what this good looking guy is all about. Things sound exciting straight away as he tells Colby that he was a real life cowboy for a while and did a few Rodeos. Mmmmm!! Butch cowboys send the mind and imagination into overtime. After a couple more questions (coz I know you are looking forward to getting to the sex bit) Colby asks him what his favorite position is. ‘I quite like missionary,’ he says as Colby smiles at him and tells him that he can help him out. The interview finishes and the hunks turn and kiss each other full on the lips.
The experienced Colby Jansen takes the lead, ‘So you like sucking dicks?’ he asks as he stands up and pulls his tight briefs down revealing his already hard dick. Jake Morgan gets on his knees, opens his mouth, and takes the lot down the back of his throat. Bam! He may be new to film, but you just know Jake Morgan is doing an excellent job as you hear the sounds coming from Colby. Jake lies on his back, bringing his knees up to his chest he spreads his legs. Colby wastes no time as he grabs his ass cheeks, pulls them apart and darts his wet tongue in and out of his sweet tasting hairy crack, making sure it’s lubed up, getting it ready for his dick. Colby proves why he is top dog and sucks the other guy’s cock before he sticks his dick straight in to Jake Morgan’s wonderfully tight ass.

They change position and Colby’s starts to own Jake’s ass as he fucks him harder and faster, he slaps it a few times and, through gritted teeth, he tells Jake that his ass is his now. Jake then gets his wish. He lies down on his back and Colby fucks him in the missionary position. Jake strokes on his own cock until he cums over his firm stomach. Colby smiles at his and tells him that as this is his first porno, he must have a facial. Eager to please, Jake Morgan stays where he is. He opens his mouth as Colby Jansen jerks himself off and covers Jake’s mouth and chin with his milky white sperm. Jake finishes him off by sucking his famous cock dry.
I can’t wait to see the lucky man Colby Jansen breaks in next. One thing is for sure, you will be getting more than your money’s worth.

Dec 18 2014

Colby Breaks him in – part 2

If you are not familiar with the Men paysite and Drill My Hole (and their other amazing gay hardcore sites) then you might be asking yourself two questions when you see the title of this movie, ‘Colby Breaks Him In, part 2.’ Actually, you might also be wondering why you’ve not seen part one, but you can remedy that by heading over to the site and picking up a good value membership, but before you do, those other two questions: Who is Colby and who is he breaking in?

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Colby Jansen is the Colby of the title and he is an exclusive model who has appeared on most of their networked sites in, now, 70 movies. He’s hunky and muscled, has tattoos and is blonde – well, dark blonde – and he is a top. Mind you, in his collection of 70 scenes he has played bottom and I’ve seen him being topped by the likes of Zeb Atlas and Woody Fox; but most of the time he is a top and an experienced one at that. So, question two, who is he breaking in? This week it’s a guy called Leo Sweetwood (is that a made up porn name do you reckon?) and he’s a cute thing with a handsome face, nice tattoos, and stands at six feet tall. He’s also down as having an eight inch cut cock and being versatile.

So, intros over, what happens? Well, as in part one, we open with an interview between Colby Jansen and Leo Sweetwood. Leo does a lot of the talking here and you find out why he wanted to become a porn model. He’s an outward going, chatty guy who comes across as honest, and also talks about his private life. It’s good to listen to and fun, and puts you in the mood for what’s to come. There’s also a fun ‘how well do you know Colby Jansen?’ section where you get to know some secrets about him too. But, you’re wanting to know how the sex pans out, and for that you have to fast forward a bit – though I advise listening to the interview, I mean how many cute guys do you know who admit to having a Bible and a dildo in his nightstand?

Anyway, after only a few minutes, the scenes transitions naturally and well from interview to sex, and with a quick ‘come here’ from Colby, the real action starts. And it starts with new boy Leo Sweetwood gong down on Colby’s cock and pleasing the older guy with his oral techniques. The guys soon strip down, and Leo has a good body I should add, but it’s not until about ten minutes in the Leo Sweetwood gets his first experience of porn star blowing; that’s Colby Jansen ( check out his twitter account ) blowing him I mean. What a treat and this young buck loves it. What I loved was the way he had shaved himself for this first outing; there’s nothing quite as sexy as a shaved twink cock and balls.
Things move on, and around half way through we’ve got Colby Jansen rimming Leo’s bubble butt and then starting to open up his hole with a probing finger. If Leo Sweetwood gets turned on by that, and he does, you can imagine how wild he gets when Colby starts to fuck his sweet ass. Leo loves it in the doggy position and Colby makes it happen as he takes this young bottom for his first on-camera hardcore ride. The new guy does well, there’s good chemistry, he’s natural there’s no looking to camera or falling out of the moment. It’s a hard and slow build up to two great cum shots and I reckon Leo Sweetwood had saved himself for weeks before making this scene; he shoots such a load it hits his face, goes in his own month and drenches him. Colby Jansen also shoots of a heavy load and we get two great cum shots after some

Apr 11 2014

Scrum Part 5

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In case you haven’t heard (in which case where have you been?) Scrum is the horny on-going series from Men Of UK. It takes that very British sport, Rugby, as its core and sets its story around a group of rugger-buggers who play the sport. These guys are chunky, fit, muscled, sometimes stocky, always hard and up for hardcore bonking in the showers or locker rooms, and they have that perfect English rugby player build and look to them.

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In this part of the series we’ve got exclusive Men dot com model Colby Jansen tackling relative newcomer Dan Broughton. If you’ve not met Dan he’s a 5’10” hunk of tattooed muscle with a length uncut cock, he’s a versatile top who gets bottomed in this scene and he and Colby hit it off perfectly.

This scene stars after practice with the Englishman, Dan, checking with his captain, Colby Jansen , on how he is coming along. He’s got good ball control, his tackling is… Colby is already getting distracted. Dan’s good on the field (and also stripping off), and he… Colby is now really distracted, and to be honest I’m not worried about the story any longer I just want these two to get it together. Get ready to pause on the part when Dan reveals his big, flaccid, uncut cock before he gets in the shower. It’s a nice little build up that will drive you as wild as it drives Colby. He doesn’t hold back, he more or less jumps Dan in the shower.

So now we’ve got two hot guys kissing and Colby’s clothes are getting wet through. Things just get better and better at this Rugby club and very soon tough guy Dan is down on his knees and servicing Colby’s stiff cock and balls. Colby eventually gets naked too and returns the favour, so we have two naked hunks, hard and happy under the jet of water, blowing each other’s brains out.

We also get a really hot rimming section where our versatile top Dan gets his ass well attended to before Colby (gently) penetrates it with his hard dick. The guys take it slowly to start with as Dan’s not usually in this position, but before long he is in to the swing of it, bent this way, riding it that way, his own cock slapping about in the wind. It’s a great fuck scene culminating with Dan shooting while Colby’s drilling his ass and then the chunkier guy dumping his load on him from a height to finish us all off. And then? Well, for me it’s time for a cold shower after that steaming session with two totally hot porn stars.

Apr 04 2014

Colby Jansen is getting fucked for only the 2nd time

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Scrum is an on-going series of sexual adventures from Men Of UK and here they take this very British sport very seriously indeed. It’s all about hunks who play rugby, a British sport that was invented at the English public school with the same name. Legend has it that a student at the school, during a soccer match, picked up the ball and started running with it, thus unwittingly inventing the game of Rugby. Things developed and now when you watch a game it’s all about beefy guys grabbing each other’s jockstraps and getting filthy in the scrum.

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Which is exactly what Men dot com exclusive pornstars Colby Jansen and Woody Fox have been doing out on the field. Now though, the tackle and drop-kick game is over and it’s time to wash their own balls in the showers. First though, Colby has some sportsmanlike advice for fellow teammate Woody and this involves showing him where to grab a guy when doing a flying tackle. It takes a moment or two but soon Woody realises that where Colby is putting his hands, around his muscled butt, is a bit of a clue to something else, and when Colby tells him to get his fingers ‘right in there’ the penny finally drops.

And so do the shorts as Colby goes down on an already hard Woody’s wood and starts sucking for all he is worth. Woody sports a great, stiff, eight inch cut cock that batters the back of Colby’s throat for a long time. Then they guys swap around and stocky, rugby-build guy Colby gets his own cut cock well sucked and the locker rooms starts to resound to the sound of slurping and gasping. The rugby top and socks stay on as Woody then gets to work on Colby’s hot ass. Rimming it, fucking it, slapping it about a bit he knows that his butch guy can take the punishment, and Colby is loving it. He loses himself to the sensation and really gets into being fucked.

What’s extra hot about this scene is when Colby sits down over Woody’s cock and you’ve got this muscled hunk bouncing up and down on the slimmer guy, the camera close in so you can really see every moment of the penetration. Then Colby is on his back on the floor and the game is nearly up. The big guy cums while being fucked from underneath and then stays there as Woody tosses himself off over Colby’s ass.
I have no idea if that is going to help Woody’s game or not but it will certainly help you get your own balls cleaned out. Another sperm spectacular from the masters of the British porn movie at Men Of UK.

Mar 26 2014

Bedroom gay porn with Colby

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The guys move to the bedroom and, with erotic and atmospheric music playing, start to make love. The scene turns into a full gay porn action story as Colby Jansen starts blowing Johnny’s long dick, swallowing it all the way down to the base of the shaft. The guys frottage hard cock against smooth skin. They play, and kiss and whisper like lovers, ‘I want to fuck, yeah?’ ‘Yeah,’ all quiet and keen. And so Johnny moves on to rim Colby’s rosebud and lube up his ass with his spit ready to slide his cock deep into his hot hole.

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Rapid fucks the sexy guy from behind, shafting his smooth bubble butt before Colby once again slurps on his meat. The guys roll and kiss some more and then Dan enters him for a second time, missionary position this time which lets their mouths get close and their bodies intimate. Our boys finally treat us to their own cum shots, side by side, still kissing, still black on white as first Jansen spills his load thick and white against his hard black cock, and the Johnny. And, just before the final fade, they share the taste of each other’s cum.
This hot scene is a pretty erotic and highly charged scene from Gods Of Men, and certainly sexier than your average interracial hardcore.

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